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This is a 100% natural supplement, made with Dr. Pankaj Naram’s 40+ years of successful formulations, combined with modern pharmaceutical techniques to strengthen joints and remove joint pain. Our concentrated and in-house manufactured herbal extracts are standardized in composition to ensure efficacy of each consumption.


2 tablets in the day and 2 tablets in the evening after meals. You can increase the intake to 4 tablets in the day and 4 tablets in the evening if the joint pain is intense. Healing might take 1- 5 months depending on the intensity of joint pain.


  • Shuddha Guggal
  • Sunthi Powder
  • Ajovan
  • Pippali Powder
  • Marich Powder
  • Hing
  • Aqueous extract of : Rasna Ghan, Ashwagandha Ghan, Gokshur Ghan, Gandh Prasarini Ghan, Punarnava Ghan, Nirgundi Ghan, Deodar Ghan, Amalki Ghan, Haritaki Ghan, Bibhitaki Ghan, Starch, Hydroxypropylmethyl, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Aerosil

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